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The National Telecommunications Institute (NTI) is a governmental institute owned by the Ministry of Communications and Technology that was established under the directive of the Ministry of Communications & Technology of Somalia in 1974. The institute is mandated to becoming the center of excellence for Information & communications’ technology education, Innovations, training, research and development and consultancy services. The institute had been a vehicle for technical skills, ICT infrastructural development and capacity building issues related to the communications sector for the government and had produced since over thousands of technicians and engineers that are now leading the telecommunications sector and involved in the development of the sector.

Today in our world the information & communications technology (ICT) has a significant impact on our live, information, Technology and knowledge had become some of the most important drivers of growth and development of the world community. These engines of growth & development couldn’t be attainable for any society, country or nation without proper development of information and communications infrastructure and proper utilization of ICT in all aspects of life.

The Somalia National Telecommunications Institute (NTI) is working hard to fulfill its mandatory services for the Somali people and meeting the needs of the society for this sector. The institute now is shaping to build its institutional system for services providing to promote the quality of the services it going to provide, and we hope that all of its partners will play their vital part in this, so that we can have an attractive professional environment that can be compatible in world standards.

The institute is also entrusted with the responsibility of conducting Mid Carrier Training Program (MCTP) of junior, middle and senior management level officers to keep them abreast with the latest development in Information & Communications Technologies, Telecom Technologies and related Management Skills. Offering in face-to-face training programs with hands-on experience, targeting local and regional trainers.

In line with government’s drive to promote e-learning, NTI is conducting various certification courses to train and certify Officers of various ministries and department of Government of Somalia, Universities & Private Organizations in Somalia. It is also mandated to act as a think-tank for ICT policy issues and has advisory role to the Ministry.

Ministry Officials

Md. Jaamac Xasan Khaliif

Wasiirka Wasaaradda I&T

Xil. Axmed Cismaan Diiriye

Wasiiru Dowlaha Wasaaradda I&T

Md. Xuseen Axmed Culusoow

Wasiir ku Xigeenka WI&T

Cabdicasiis Duwane Isaaq

Agaasimaha guud WI&T

Prof : Abdirahman Moalim Adow

Agaasimaha NTI