Microwave Communication

Microwave Communication

Course Objective:

The course introduces main optical system components (fiber sources and detectors), and a description of the most

common optical devices (amplifiers, modulators and passive devices). Practical sessions are also offered to train engineers on how to handle fiber cables and perform all required system and component measurement, especially locating faults and performing fiber splices. Actual measurements on a 70km fiber link are performed and a training on system monitoring is also performed.


Course Outline:

  • Main features of optical communication
  • Optical
  • Cable, connectors &
  • Optical sources &
  • Optical detectors and
  • Optical components and
  • Link analysis and
  • Optical signal
  • Practical
  • Characterization and testing of optical
  • Fiber
  • Fiber fault detection using
  • Performance measurement of an existing optical fiber