New Trends in Switching Technologies

New Trends in Switching Technologies

Course Code: NTIA1 Course Objective:

Develop the students’ knowledge of switching systems in modern networks such as: mobile communication, B-ISDN and IP networks. The MPLS concepts and applications are also introduced in this course.

Course Outline:



  1. Voice over IP (VoIP)
    • Implementation strategies for IP telephony and over voice
    • ITU H.323 protocol
    • IETF session initiation protocol (SIP).
    • New generation
    • Switching system in mobile
    • Introduction to 3g
    • UMTS
    • UMTS call
    • Introduction to multiprotocol label
    • Why
    • MPLS
    • MOLS
    • MPLS


  1. Broadband integrated service digital network
  • ATM network concepts and
  • ATM protocol reference
  • ATM physical
  • ATM
  • ATM adaptation
  • ATM switching and
  1. Network security
    • Security
    • The OSI security
    • A model for network
    • Network security